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Best Video Games to Play on your Tesla

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Best Video Games to play on your TESLA

Having a built-in game in your Tesla maybe overkill but if you think of it, it would take 1-2 hours to fully charge a Tesla. So what's the better way to kill the time is to enjoy arcade games in your Tesla? Here is the top 10 list that you can play on your Tesla:

1. The Battle of Polytolpia

The Battle of Polytopia is a turn-based 4X strategy game developed by Swedish gaming company Midjiwan AB. Players play as one of sixteen tribes to develop an empire and defeat opponents in a low poly square-shaped world. Players can play against bots or human opponents, local or online. The game was initially released in February 2016.

The Battle of Polytopia can be played in single-player, local multiplayer, or online game modes. Single-player and local multiplayer are free to play, while online multiplayer requires a purchase.

Each game is played on a randomly generated map. There are multiple game modes with different win conditions and settings that customize gameplay.

Players choose from 16 selectable characters known as tribes, of which four are free and 12 require purchase. Four of the paid tribes are special, with additional abilities and altered gameplay. There is a leaderboard that lists the highest-scoring games of the week.

2. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a management simulation game. From the get-go,, you are assigned as the overseer of one of the balls and you are to ensure the survival and well-being of the dwellers. Initially you will have several dwellers joining your vault and during your short tutorial segment, you will be taught the basics of the game. You will be tasked with several rooms to accommodate your dwellers and their needs. For the most basic rooms, you start with living quarters, power generators, a diner, and a water treatment system. You will also get to choose where you place these rooms in your vault. Also, you can build multiple rooms of the same type, you build two rooms of the same type next to each other they can be merged into one larger room. You can merge three rooms of the same type. For production rooms, this will increase the number of resources these rooms can generate and it would be easier to upgrade the rooms.

3. Centipede

The centipede game is an extensive-form game in game theory in which two players alternately get a chance to take the larger share of a slowly increasing money stash. It is arranged so that if a player passes the stash to their opponent who then takes the stash, the player receives a smaller amount than if they had taken the pot.

The centipede game concludes as soon as a player takes the stash, with that player getting the larger portion and the other player getting the smaller portion. The game has a predefined total number of rounds, which are known to each player in advance.

4. Super Breakout

Super Breakout is a classic brick-breaking game involving rows of bricks, a virtual ball, and a paddle at the bottom of the screen bounce the ball to hit the bricks and then you make sure that you position the paddle correctly to set it off. It's a game mimicked many times by different game developers, in fact, blackberry's version of brick breaker was a secret addiction by many blackberry users its one of the new features added by Tesla recently over software.

5. Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded is a game that modernly redesigned the traditional arcade game. With huge bosses and screens full of explosions, it has combined all the best parts of the top-down arcade shooters into one.

There are nine aircraft and 15 stages in the game, each ending with a boss enemy. To face the bosses conveniently, you have to destroy the enemies and gather stars to upgrade your ship.

6. Cat Quest

If you want a short and solid action experience, Cat Quest can be your choice. It’s an action RPG game where you take control of a cat that is in search of its kidnapped sister. It’s a typical hack-and-slash game that was published on Steam and console after its success on mobile.

The biggest advantage of Cat Quest is that it minimized the fatigue of RPG games. Most RPGs require a long playtime but Cat Quest has minimized these elements to reduce the sense of fatigue. It can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, making it a great choice to spend extra time while charging.

7. Lunar Lander

Games have changed quite a bit since classic arcade games like Lunar Lander were around. Lunar Lander challenges your concentration and tries to make you optimize your remaining fuel as much as possible. Some modern gamers might not find this fun, since you really have to work at it to get the high scores (unlike Doodle Jump, which is frankly pretty mindless).

However, if you like a slow yet satisfying challenge, Lunar Lander delivers. And the screen in a Tesla makes it easy to read essential numbers like the remaining amount of fuel or your vertical velocity. The controls also work well unlike other classic arcade game releases we have seen before, and that's a plus.

A single game of Lunar Lander will usually last between 5 and 10 minutes. The game has some excellent leaderboards to compete in, and achievements to play for. You will of course be replaying the game time and time again to master your skills and improve your high score.

8. Stardew Valley

This game begins with your grandfather leaving you his farm, which has since fallen into ruin. At its most basic, Stardew Valley is a Harvest Moon-like game of planting crops then watering and eventually harvesting them, turning a profit, then re-investing that profit in expanding your farm in a variety of interesting ways. The depth of that variety is pretty incredible, particularly as crafting, multiple sub-skills, and livestock all gets thrown into the mix.

Of course, farming isn’t all you do, there’s an entire village of people waiting for you to get to know (and eventually even marry), an extensive fishing system (with crab pots as well), and loads of combat should you choose to get involved in delving into the mines to rank up in the Adventurer’s Guild (and much more). Each of these things has its own goals to work towards, and it doesn’t take long before you’re absolutely drowning in choices for what to focus on next.

Stardew Valley was first released in early 2016 on the PC, and with the advent of the mobile ports, is now available on basically every platform you’d ever want to play the game on. So you could meet with other Tesla users through multiplayer mode.

9. Cuphead

With its watercolor backgrounds and handmade cell animations, Cuphead can also be enjoyed on Tesla Arcade.

Cuphead is a game that got a lot of attention from development to publishing. It sold more than 3 million copies in less than a year and its developers are currently working on a DLC, “The Delicious Last Course”. Even a Netflix animation, the “Cuphead Show”, is in the works.

Unfortunately, the Cuphead on Tesla Arcade isn’t a complete version yet. Due to limits on the car storage, only level 1 is included, and to enjoy the game, an additional controller is necessary.

10. Beach Buggy Racing 2

What better game to enjoy in your Tesla than a racing one? For fans of racing sims, realism is so essential that sizeable peripheral investments like racing wheels and pedals, huge monitors, and gaming chairs are not uncommon.

Now, imagine you’re a racing sim fan, playing Beach Buggy Racing 2 on a Tesla, with the actual steering wheel and actual pedals. Imagine getting more and more top racing sims on the Tesla Arcade. Imagine climbing into a Tesla car just to enjoy those games in the near future.


Musk's decision to equip his Tesla with games maybe for others just a publicity stunt and dangerous but it actually points to a very important way that he is re-thinking the cars of the future after all it is only a matter of time that Tesla or someone else learns dully autonomous vehicles when that happens possibly drivers will be needing this games on their Tesla to pass the time.



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