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Most Common Mistakes by Tesla Owners

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

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Tesla has had a bit of a glow-up over the last decade. When they were first introduced they were niche. Between the YouTube videos of its speedy acceleration on Elon Musk's antics, you would scarcely see them outside of your computer screen. Recently, Tesla has become more and more popular. It's easy to see why. The electric car has become more affordable to buy, you never have to go to a gas station, and you have an incredibly quick car right off the dealership.

For many, they are no longer a status symbol. You see them almost everywhere you go in a big city. While the cars themselves are beautiful, they can often be plagued with problems that many other car companies don't have. Whether or not these problems will persist remain to be seen. With that being said, if you consider getting a Tesla you may need to consider the following before getting one to get the most out of it.

Buying Advice: Don't Make These 11 Mistakes When Getting A Tesla

1. Buying too much Range

Often people buy the most range. If you have home charging and don't have to commute far, it does not make sense for you to consider the range.

2. Buying Too Little Range

If you do have a long daily commute or live in an apartment then the range is considered relevant. Also, if you do long road trips quite often for whatever reason then you need to choose Tesla Model with Longest Range. This also matters if don't want to spend a lot of time at superchargers. Imagine how many routes you need to do if your Tesla has the least range.

3. Buying The Wrong Wheels

Most of the buyers have considered getting larger wheels for handling and aesthetics. It would surely make heads turn if your Tesla has these really large wheels. We need to consider though that by getting a large wheel you get to pay more, get the harsher ride quality, and have less range. Get entry-level wheels instead, for more range and better ride quality.

4. Buying FSD( Full Self-Driving)

Pretty self-explanatory, as it is $12,000 for FSD is simply not worth it. The base Autopilot that comes as standard is more than sufficient for most, and by the time FSD can reach its full potential, you'll likely have sold the car. Full Self Driving Computer is included in every Tesla Model by default. Buying FSD does not add or subtract any hardware from the car itself it is only a software update. Tesla also offers a subscription option for this package in the Tesla app you can also cancel at any time which means that if you really want the most useful feature of the software that would be a more practical option.

5. Putting Off Ordering

Prices are constantly increasing meanwhile delivery times are getting pushed back due to ongoing supply chain issues.

6. Not Planning Ahead For Charging

When planning a long trip make sure that you have adequate home charging and research for nearby charging stations. We don't want to ruin any of the trips just because we missed that in the itinerary. Charging at home is the best way to charge a Tesla but a normal outlet is usually too slow for what most need. Schedule your charging for day's8-12 hours of charging enough for the days worth of charging. Tesla sells their own wall charger.

7. Buying A Performance Model So You'll Get The Car Delivered Sooner

Having to wait longer and get a quality model is much better than settling for a performance Tesla Model so you can get it sooner. Always consider the long-term effect, you may end up paying more for less range and harsher rides.

8. Avoiding White Seats Because you think They'll Be Hard to Clean

The white seats look great and require much less maintenance than you'd expect. Ironically, even though many people worry about white seats getting dirty, there are actually various smudges or marks that show up much more on black. They seem to get a dirty look more easily than the white seats. Plus black seats tend to get too hot.

9. Not Checking for Local Incentives

Most states have local EV rebates and incentives. Be sure to check for what you qualify for to help save as much as possible. California alone then offers more than $9000 in potentially available EV Rebates and Tax Credits. You can visit which will show you every incentive that you can get for your Tesla Purchase based on your area. For now, Tesla does not qualify for the Federal EV Tax Incentive but soon it may be changing and something to plan for.

10. Not Inspecting The Car On Delivery

When taking delivery it is always smart to take a good look at the car. For that to happen make sure that you are home on the delivery date itself. Take your time inspecting it before the courier leaves.

11. Not Having The Right Cover & Accessories

Many third-party companies are notorious for overcharging for insurance on Teslas. Tesla now offers their own insurance in some states, which is great. Also, make sure you have the right cover to avoid hefty payouts. Finally, accessories like a screen protector and all-weather car mats are great options to add.


It is extremely exciting to buy a Tesla but there are definitely some things to keep in mind when buying or acquainting yourself with the new car. As a quick review, FSD(Full Self-Driving) can be added anytime after getting a Tesla and it can be subscribed to through Tesla App, Plan Home Charging Ahead of Time to make it as easy and seamless as possible, buy the range you need, buy the wheels that makes a lot of sense for you, inspect unit upon delivery, research on EV Incentives and lastly plan ahead the accessories that are useful for you.



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