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A Must-Do After Receiving Your Tesla

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

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The wait is now over, despite the fact that it may have felt like an eternity and may be filled with worrisome moments due to the way Tesla does things. But now you have your brand new Tesla, it sure does feel awesome, right?!

So, what’s next?

Explore Your New Tesla Vehicle

After you've gotten your Tesla vehicle, explore and learn more about everything it has to offer.

As part of the ordering procedure, you need already to have a Tesla account. It is also where you can obtain contract documentation and upload any documents that Tesla requires.

Downloading and enrolling into the Tesla app allows you to access your vehicle from anywhere as long as your phone and Tesla vehicle are connected. You may also check the status of your vehicle, lock or unlock it, regulate climate control, and do other things. View video guides to explore vehicle features and learn more about the Tesla app.

Get A Screen Protector For Your New Tesla Monitors

Installing a screen protector on the car's monitor should be done as soon as possible, if not on the day of delivery. We placed a Spigen matte screen protector. While driving, it eliminates handprints, smudges, and glare.

Do Safety Checks & Inspect Your Tesla EV

Consider doing driving safety checks. Check the tire pressures even if the car is brand new from the factory. Learn where to find the correct pressures and double-check the figures for your vehicle. In general, Teslas run at 42 psi, with some electric vehicles requiring 45 psi.

Tesla appears to deliver cars with excessive air pressure, which not only makes the ride unpleasant but also dangerous. When buying a used car, check the tread depth as well, especially on the inner edges, which can wear much faster than the rest of the tread.

If you have passengers in the backseat, make a note of how to open the rear doors in the event of an accident, as the internal door handles may not work. Also, be aware of the location of the danger light switch (one of the few physical switches on a Tesla). It's preferable to know and never need this information than to require it and not know.

Setup & Access Your Electric Vehicle

Your vehicle accepts three different sorts of keys which are phone keys, key cards, and key fobs. The Tesla Shop sells additional backup key cards and key fobs. Through a Bluetooth link with your vehicle, your phone functions as your primary key. Follow the steps in the Tesla app to set up your phone key in a matter of seconds.

While keycards can be used, using your mobile phone is significantly handier. This must be registered in the vehicle, and it is not as simple as downloading the app and checking in. If possible, try this with more than one phone in the family, even if the other person is unlikely to drive the car. This provides them the option of getting into the car without you, or if you lose your phone or the battery runs out, you have a backup alternative.

Connect Your Electric Car To A Wi-Fi Or Mobile Hotspot

Many will know you can connect the car to a Wi-Fi and for many software updates you actually need to do this. It's therefore sensible to connect your car to the Wi-Fi when you can to make sure the car is always updated. It's a one-time activity.

Assuming your home wifi is within range, you can connect the car to it by clicking on the 3g/4g/LTE at the top of the screen. This will bring up a list of WI-FI networks available. Select the one and enter the password if required. If you have the ability to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your mobile phone, we recommend connecting to that too. This can be really useful if you have not got the key fob for the car, maybe you have locked it in the car, and can't gain entry.

Charge Your Tesla Electric Vehicle

Tesla offers a variety of charging methods. You can choose the best charging option for your needs whether you're on the road or at home.

Tesla suggests charging where you park with a Wall Connector, which charges your Tesla vehicle quickly overnight. Depending on your lifestyle, there are several charging alternatives available.

Use Tesla's Supercharger network to go large distances. With Tesla Superchargers, Tesla operates the world's largest worldwide fast-charging network. Drive for a few hours, then stop to refresh — exactly like any other vehicle. When you arrive at your destination, use Tesla's Destination Charging sites and third-party charging stations for further convenience.

Register & Take Advantage Of EV Program Benefits

EVs frequently receive benefits such as access to low-emission zones and exemption from congestion charges. These, on the other hand, usually necessitate registration and, in some cases, a small price. Do not think that you will be registered automatically!

The London congestion zone, Crit'Air anti-pollution car stickers in France, and High occupancy vehicle status in several US states are all examples. Check with your local terms and conditions to see if your vehicle qualifies and if pre-registration is required.

Get New EV Floor Mats

Unfortunately, Teslas do not come standard with rubber floor mats, which must be purchased separately. For example, you can purchase Tasmanian mats that fit the entire car, including the front trunk, rear trunk, and footwells.

Take Time To Go Through Your Tesla EV Manual

Okay, who reads manuals these days? You simply want the user experience to be extremely intuitive, and if it works, it works. The problem is that several Tesla functions, particularly Autopilot, might be harmful if misused. As a result, we strongly advise you to read the instructions and become more familiar with the vehicle's limitations, as well as how to operate some of the more advanced features. The owner's manuals can be found here.


Buying a Tesla is a lifestyle decision with no obvious comparison. The way you feel the car is so different that you can't just buy one and go back to your old routine with a fuel car. There's also a lot to be said about the Tesla driving experience. Owning a Tesla electric vehicle grants you access to the space-age experience and its occasional sacrifices as well as its numerous benefits.



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