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Tesla Model S Mods - What Are The Pros And Cons Of Tesla Model S Mods

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

TESLA Model S Mod | TESLA Model S Modification

Customizing your Tesla or your electric vehicle in general to make changes is a big business right now. Electric car buyers spend a lot of money to make their car look different than it did when they bought it. For many people, it can be an alternative to purchasing a new car because it means a slightly different car than before. Some may modify it for convenience or to aid in their line of work.

Some people modify their Teslas or EVs to save money in the long run by installing mods that reduce operating costs such as solar panels. However, some car modifications have drawbacks and may have legal or even safety implications; therefore the question arises, is it worthwhile? In this article, we'll discuss our thoughts on the subject so you can decide what options to consider and whether or not that option is right for you.

Many Electric Vehicle Owners Have Already Modified Their Teslas

Nobody seemed to dare to tarnish such a prestigious and technologically advanced automobile as the Tesla Model S during its earliest launch. You wouldn't put a spoiler or a body kit on a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, would you? However, because it is now possible to find a used Tesla Model S for less than $30,000, an increasing number of younger people are gaining access to it.

Owners are increasingly experimenting with rims, tinted windows, body kits, and body wraps. Some rental companies are also using modded-out Teslas to promote their services. To put it another way, many Tesla owners are already enjoying customizing, personalizing, and modifying their electric vehicles to serve many purposes.

Examples Of Mods You Can Apply To Your Tesla Model S

Retrofit Mods For Your Tesla Vehicle

  • Battery Upgrade from 40 to 60 kWh

  • Battery Upgrade from 60 to 85 kWh

  • Battery Upgrade from 60 to 75 kWh

  • Battery Upgrade from 70 to 75 kWh

  • Battery Upgrade from 85 to 90 kWh

  • P85 to P85+ Upgrade

  • Retrofit Alcantara Headliner

  • Retrofitting Autopilot/Lane Departure

  • Retrofitting a Bioweapon Defense Filter

  • Retrofitting the Center Console

  • Dashcam for pre-HW2.5 vehicles

  • Mesh Grille Defrost Update

  • FOB Security Enhancement

  • Upgraded Fog Lights

  • Halogen to Xenon HID headlights

  • Change in the Headliner

  • LTE Upgrade

  • Ridiculous Retrofit

  • MCU1 to MCU2

  • Navigation Upgrade

  • Next-Generation Seat Upgrade

  • Pano Roof Center Bar Cover

  • Parking Sensors

  • Power Folding Side Mirrors Retrofit

  • Retrofit Rear-Facing Seats

  • Red Brake Calipers

  • Supercharging Upgrade (early Model S 60)

  • Memory and heated textile seats (early Model S)

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Retrofit (early Model S)

  • Retrofit Titanium Underbody Shield (early Model S)

  • Retrofitting a Twin Charger (early Model S)

  • Retrofitting a Washer Nozzle (early Model S)

General Tesla Mods

  • Enhancements to Audio

  • Disc brakes (Dustless)

  • Bulletproofing/Armor

  • The Center Console (Pre refresh Model S)

  • Coat Hangers

  • Lane Departure and Collision Warning (Pre AP Model S)

  • Conversion of a Coupe/Convertible

  • Cubby Cup Holder

  • Dashcam Timelapse Recorder

  • Exterior Chrome Blackout/Color Alterations

  • Waterproofing at FOB

  • Trunk Opener by Foot Wave

  • Cameras on the Front Curb

  • Front License Plate Hidden

  • Pedestrian Horns and Horn Replacement

  • Front Hole Plugs for License Plates – (Pre refresh Model S)

  • Assist with Liftgate (old Model S)

  • Accents and Enhancements to Lighting

  • Replacement Nose Cone/Grill (Pre refresh Model S)

  • Armor Paint

  • Sunscreen/Insulation Pano Roof

  • Proximity Sensors for Parking Assist (old Model S)

  • Auto-Lift Parcel Shelf (Model S)

  • Phone/Accessory Suspension

  • Tires and rims

  • Chrome Plating on the Rims

  • Bumper Protector for Skid Plates (Refreshed Model S)

  • Suspension

  • Hitch for Trailer/Bike

  • Cooling Console for the Third Row

  • Video Recorder/Camera

  • Tinting Windows

  • Charging Your Phone Wirelessly

  • Wireless Vehicle Charging

  • Alternatives to Wood Trim

  • Custom Paint and Wraps

Tesla Accessories

  • Covers for automobiles

  • Wraps and decals in carbon fiber and red

  • Cupholders for Passengers in the Second Row

  • Plug Adapters and Extension Cords

  • Mats for the Floor

  • Sunscreen on the front

  • Devices for Recording

  • Mini Model S for Children

  • Music Connections: Why is USB the best option?

  • Detectors of Radar/Laser

  • Radar and laser jammers

  • Roof Railing (for Glass roof)

  • Sunscreens

  • Compressor and Tire Repair Kit

  • Charging and USB Adapters

  • License Plate Socket Adapter – for removing the front license plate from refreshed Model S vehicles

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Mods

  • Camera Improvement (Model S HW2.0)

  • Ultimate Dashcam 2020 Guide

  • Power Cable for Dashcam (Not Plaid/LR)

  • Dash Lighting with Electroluminescent

  • Internal Vehicle Data Extraction

  • FM/XM Radio Upgrade for the MCU2

  • Retrofitting the Front Seats

  • LED Enhancement for Footlights (Not Plaid/LR)

  • FootWarmer (Model S refresh, not Plaid/LR)

  • Holder for Footwell Covers

  • Indicator of Home Charging

  • Extra FOB Antenna Improves Charge Port Access

  • LED License Plate Light Replacement (Classic Model S)

  • The Project Lighted T (Classic Model S)

  • Lights – Improving Trunk Lighting

  • How to Improve Frunk Lighting with Lights

  • Lights – Improving Frunk Lighting 2 (Classic Model S)

  • Front License Plate is Magnetically Held (Classic Model S)

  • Installation of Parking Assist (2012-2013 Model S)

  • Plaid and LR Power Tap (2021+)

  • Plaid/LR Projector Logo Lights v2

  • Holder for sunglasses (not Plaid/LR)

  • 2021+ Plaid and LR Stalks on Yoke Steering Wheel

  • Installing a Subwoofer and an Amplifier

  • Videos of Tesla Speaker/Amp Removal

  • T-show Front End Light Show (New Model S and Others?)

  • Trunk Tie-Down Initiative

  • Rear Door Speaker Upgrade

  • Security and USB Port Extenders

  • Screen Yellow Border Repair (Refreshed S only)

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tesla Model S Mods


Upgrading your electric vehicle in general and customizing it to your preferences may appear to be the best option. You can use these modifications to reduce the cost of ownership of your Tesla Model S vehicle, improve convenience, and increase its visual appeal. In a generic sense, any mods can be beneficial as long as you know what you're doing.


Nothing good comes easily, and modified electric vehicles are no exception. Changes to your Tesla, like any other electronic vehicle, will come with its own set of risks and challenges. As a result, it's best to mentally and financially prepare for a few bumps in the road.

  • The risk of voiding the warranty. While modifications do not always void warranties, changes that cause vehicle malfunction or damage may void warranties for related parts.

  • Certain engine modifications may violate federal and state emissions regulations.

  • While well-chosen modifications can improve a vehicle's braking and handling, improper installation or low-quality parts can compromise safety.

  • To make computer changes in your EV, you will need the assistance of a specialized car computer expert.

  • EV powertrains also pose a series of challenges for tuners and gearheads.

  • Working with high-voltage electrical systems in modern electric vehicles can be extremely dangerous.

  • Some Tesla Model S mods can be particularly expensive.


Although Tesla mods and customizations may bring their fair share of disadvantages, if you know what you're doing with your electric car, the disadvantages don’t necessarily outweigh the benefits and can still come out totally worth it.



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