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Where To Buy Lucid Cars

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Lucid Car | White Electric Car | White EV

In the world of electric vehicles today, Lucid tops the spot with its range estimate of more than 500 miles on a single charge and by far, the fastest-charging EV. No wonder MotorTrend named it the 2022 MotorTrend car of the year. Though it did not immediately win them over at first, they were blown away by this sedan’s excellent driving dynamics, sumptuous ride, striking and well-packaged interior, and the spirit of innovation in the end. MotorTrend has even called the Air “The new (EV) benchmark.”

In a recent review, it was said that Lucid’s interior feels much more like a Porsche or Mercedes than it does a Tesla. With the buzz going on about Lucid VS Tesla – despite their strong rivalry in technology, they cannot be considered direct competitors as Lucid’s market is more on the luxury segment while Tesla is more into higher-volume.

As to technology, The Air will come standard with a full suite of advanced driving aids that Lucid calls DreamDrive. It includes such features as adaptive cruise control, lane centering, and automatic parking. These are all par for the course for luxury vehicles currently, but Lucid Motors is also equipping the Air with future-proofing hardware including high-resolution lidar. The idea is that once the software is finalized, Lucid will beam over-the-air updates to enhance the car’s automated driving capabilities. Lucid is aiming for the Air to achieve Level 3 autonomy during the Air’s life cycle. Level 3 means the car can perform automated driving but the driver must be ready, with the warning, to take over at all times.

On storage, the concept of space maximization extends to the Air’s cargo-carrying capabilities. The front trunk is massive, offering more space than any other EV on sale today. It features a false floor to separate your gear and keep items from rolling around. The traditional trunk is also quite large, though the car’s low ride height means you’ll likely have to bend over to place items inside.

What are the Air’s trim levels?

In 2021, Lucid plans to build 577 Airs, a number calculated based on how fast the company can currently crank out an entire car. Of that total, 520 of those will be $169,000 Dream Edition models and the remainder will be the $139,000 Grand Touring model. The Dream Edition is available in two trims: the 1,111-horsepower Performance model with 471 miles of range and the 933-horsepower Range trim that offers 520 miles of range. The Grand Touring offers an EPA-estimated 516 miles of range. Eventually, Lucid will offer a $95,000 Touring Trim and a $77,400 base-level Pure trim.

Excited? You can buy your Lucid Air cars through a reservation on their website. The Lucid Air Dream Edition is a limited production and it is currently booked but you can still get on the waitlist.

Lucid Air prices, as listed on their website are as follows:

Price (USD)

Reservation (USD)

Lucid Air

From 77,400


Air Touring

From 95,000


Air Grand Touring

From 139,000


Be sure to read the Lucid Reservation Agreement, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

As mentioned, all the Dream Edition cars have already been snapped up by reservation holders. In keeping with the range record, production will be limited to just 520 units. New customers can order the Air in three other equipment levels. Over 13,000 reservations have been placed to date, with a planned production rate of 34,000 cars annually in the company’s launch phase.

Despite its high cost, MotorTrend’s judges thought the Lucid Air represented a strong value. They tested the Grand Touring version with a starting price around $140,000. Less expensive versions, with prices starting around $77,000, will be available later, but they won’t have the driving range and power of the pricier cars.


The Lucid Air, the first model from California-based electric car start-up company Lucid Motors have certainly has promising reviews. The look of the Air, inside and out, has already won over the automotive media.

They also have several new locations in California so that more and more people will have the opportunity to engage in an entirely new EV car-buying journey and though Lucid cars will certainly cost you, the vast majority can only dream of owning such an automobile. But much of the cutting-edge technology that goes inside will trickle down to mass-market electric cars, which, by replacing internal combustion engines, will help fight global warming. And that is certainly something to think about.


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